Trauma, Sore Muscles and Joints, and Spine Misalignment

Dorinda is 23 years old and in incredible shape. She weighs over a ton and is a 17.2 hand Belgian. She loves everyone in our 10 horse herd and is kind and gentle. She is known as Auntie Dorinda because she loves helping with the foals.

Dorinda, Odella, Rick with Angela

Dorinda, Odella, Rick with Angela

The other day, she got in a tight spot with her good friend Rick (17.3 hand Percheron). Instead of turning together, they turned opposite each other. Rick had better footing, but Dorinda’s back end slid out from under her. She went down on her right side.

Rick with Angela and Cheryl

Rick with Angela and Cheryl

Rick safely passed by Dorinda, but she remained on the ground, appearing to be stunned. She wasn’t trapped, but she wasn’t getting up either.

I stood by her head and let her lean her neck on my leg. She was too heavy to support for very long, so I encouraged her to lay her head down and rest. Meanwhile, I used EFT to tap for her, to help her feel like getting up.

After a little while, I began to ask Dorinda to get up, but she refused. It seemed her bottom front leg (her right) was trapped by the mud and vegetation. With some effort, I slid her front legs forward into a similar position to the one they normally use to get up. To my relief, this readily worked. She was up in seconds.

Dorinda was gimpy on her right front and out of alignment in her right hind end. I used EFT to tap for: pain and swelling in her joints and muscles; for the misalignment; and for any emotional issues with Rick and the accident. By the next day, she was moving completely sound.

Serenity Equestrian Center and Feathered Dream Drum Horses’ Drum Stallions are family owned and run. Serenity’s “Communing With Horses” is not a therapeutic riding program, but focuses solely upon the emotional wellness of the visitors. Visit to learn more about SEC. Proceeds from Gayla’s personal coaching at help support the feeding, housing, and clothing of SEC’s herd. Thank you for your interest and support!


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